ShadowBid was founded because we were all frustrated with online shopping and set out to improve the experience for everyone. As we near a full launch we thought it was time to give people a look at the team.

Tim Cason — CTO


Tim is a transplant from Florida who used to have a life, and used to compete in distance races. Now he is most often found at a desk at the CTRL Collective. We are pretty sure he lives here. But that is because he loves programming and knows that he is making a difference in people’s lives with his work on ShadowBid. Tim has developed successful companies before and helped world class corporations to expand their technical capabilities. We are stoked to have him on the team.

Dante Siracusa — COO

Dante can often be found riding waves from Malibu to Newport Beach. Raised in Hawaii, he never misses a chance to get in the water. Dante is our resident operations strategy expert who is constantly striving to improve the way that ShadowBid helps consumers save money. Dante has built successful companies before and knows all the value lies in customer relationships.

Kevin Futch — CFO

Kevin is an avid hiker and often disappears for days on end when he decides it’s time to get away. He always finds his way back to LA, though it’s often just to watch his hometown Cubbies. At ShadowBid, Kevin is the numbers guru, having graduated from the finance and leadership program at GE Capital. With this training, he is always the contrarian voice in any decision we make.

Wesley Hansen — CEO

Wes manages to find time to ski in Mammoth as often as he can. Though his trips are much different now that his daughter is becoming a better skier than him. Wes finds himself learning a lot of new roles at ShadowBid, as any CEO should. His creative and technical background give him the tools to step into these different roles and his trading background was the inspiration for ShadowBid.

Those are the four members of the ShadowBid founding team. We would love to hear from each of you that are using ShadowBid. It is a constant effort to continually improve your experience and we can only do that with valuable input from ShadowBid’s customers. Thanks!