ShadowBid is...

….the first platform to offer financial trading tools to eCommerce shoppers.

….a believer in efficient market theories and is dedicated to leveling the playing field between consumers and retailers. Efficient markets can only exist when all parties have similar knowledge in a transaction.

….dedicated to helping you find the best prices. There are NO backroom deals with retailers to deceive or misrepresent pricing.  We do not show your individual, unique bid to a retailer until the retailer drops their price.

….constantly trying to improve.  Over time, we will continue to add new tools to help you find the absolute best price possible!

General Questions

1. Shop as you normally would for products on Amazon.  You can research and bid on any product using each of our existing platforms (iOS app, Chrome extension, website, Android app) as we roll them out over time.

2. Use the historical price charts for research.  When you are confident in what you want to pay, click “Place Bid”. If you are happy with the current price, you can also click “Buy Now” to purchase immediately through Amazon.

3. Name the price you want to pay and the amount of time you want to leave the bid open.

4. That’s it! Just sit back and relax.

ShadowBid will take care of the rest. No missed alerts in the middle of the night, or during 3 hour marathon business meetings, which would require you to jump online.  Shop once and have confidence that you will never pay more than you are willing to spend for an item you want to buy. You will probably pay less!

We are constantly tracking prices across Amazon.  If a price drops, our system checks all open bids and purchases any orders where the price has fallen to, or below the bid price.  We notify Amazon and send the information they need to complete the purchase.  The item is bought by you, in your Amazon account.  We will then notify you of your big win and the savings you achieved!

Your purchase occurs at the posted Amazon price.  The beauty of our “good-til- canceled” bidding system is that if a price drops below your bid amount, you will be charged the new, lower price. This means that you will always pay the lower of your bid price or the Amazon listed price!

When the purchase is made, ShadowBid will choose the cheapest shipping option on Amazon. If you are a Prime member, you will receive that option.  You also get to designate any preferred shipping address on ShadowBid.

You can pay with any credit card that is accepted by Amazon.  We use SSL encryption and PCI standards to make sure that the transactions are secure.

Because the order is made in your account, you will be able to manage the purchase through Amazon.  This includes tracking, shipping, order accuracy, and the processing of any returns.  Amazon has developed world class customer service, and ShadowBid is just here to help you find the best price!

If you have a Prime membership, your items will be purchased and shipped with your default settings.  ShadowBid always defaults to the cheapest shipping option, so if the item is Prime eligible, you will receive your free Prime shipping.

ALL items purchased will ONLY be through Amazon and are brand new, factory sealed, and come with standard manufacturer’s warranties.  We will not purchase any items that are used or through the third party marketplace.

(In time we may offer third party purchase options for new items.)

ShadowBid is currently available exclusively for US residents, sorry! We hope to roll out international expansion soon. Please sign up for our updates to receive news of future releases.

ShadowBid will be free to use until the end of 2016!

Beginning in 2017, ShadowBid will charge a small service fee on some transactions. You will see a charge of $5 on your credit card statement, along with the purchase you have made on Amazon. BUT, ShadowBid will only charge you $5 if the price of your item drops at least $5 below your bid. So, if you bid $100 and the item drops to $90, you will pay a $5 service fee. But, if the price only drops to $96, then your purchase will have NO service fee. We want to make sure that you never pay more than your bid amount (except for shipping and handling, taxes, and fees applied by Amazon).

The ShadowBid team is constantly working to improve your experience and to offer different ways to place bids. Our first priority is to making sure that everything works on our current platforms, and then we will begin rolling out new platforms. The planned deployment schedule is: Chrome extension, iOS app, Website, and then Android app. Please sign up for our updates in order to keep track of all new offerings.

Please reach out to us via email in order to process a refund for the service fee if you made a purchase using the ShadowBid system and were unhappy with the results, decided to return the item to Amazon, or never received the item. Please include a confirmation screen shot of your return or your reason for requesting the refund in the email you send. ShadowBid will be happy to refund your service fee in these situations and appreciates any feedback you provide along with your request.

ShadowBid allows you to cancel an Open Bid at any time up until the purchase process has begun for that bid. ShadowBid will notify you once a bid has been won. You may then log into your Amazon account to follow up with any changes you would like to make for that purchase. In order to cancel a bid on ShadowBid, please log into your account and delete the specific Open Bid you would like to cancel. Additionally, if you set a duration for an Open Bid, ShadowBid will automatically cancel the bid at its expiration.