We’re Building the Future of Shopping, For You

ShadowBid is committed to increasing market efficiency in online shopping. We created this app because we were all frustrated with the lack of information available to ourselves, as shoppers, and the lack of advanced tools and algorithms available to consumers.

The ShadowBid mission is simple: We are here to help people save TIME and MONEY when shopping online. Everything that we do is about simplifying the shopping experience while also minimizing the time required to research prices and save money. There are savings to be had and we think it should be easy to find them. Saving money on Amazon purchases is just the beginning. We are going to change the way you shop for everything online.

Price History

View historical price charts for Amazon products

Place a Bid

Pick the price and duration for any product you choose

Price Tracking

ShadowBid monitors product prices for the bids you set

Automated Purchasing

When the price drops to your bid, the purchase is made automatically

Team Members

Founded by engineering and financial wizards, ShadowBid's team is uniquely equipped to change the way you shop online.